We are marketing agency specializing in integrated brand communication with customers

    online and offline

    Distinguish your brand from the competition by choosing the most effective solutions

    we treat each project individually regardless of the purpose and budget. with no exception.

    Increase brand awareness and strengthen the image

    We coordinate multitasking projects maintaining communication consistency

    we put quality before quantity. absolutely.

    We coordinate multitasking projects maintaining communication consistency

    otherwise we can not.


  • augusto

    logo, packaging, pos
  • Social Estate


    web design www.social.estate

  • Strategy

    The most important is the goal.

    We help to set and choose the optimal path.

    Market analysis, trends, competition, communication plans are tools that we use for every project.

  • Creatives

    Idea is the foundation of communication.

    The concepts of advertising campaigns, graphic design, visual identification systems, copywriting are only selected competences we use every day.

  • Media

    Where, what and how to say to be heard by Clients?

    Competition analysis, media planning and purchase, online real-time campaign optimization.

    Full media service at a budget of any size.

  • our

  • Production

    Quality before quantity. Always.

    Printing, POS materials, visual identification systems, websites, mobine applications.

    We help with the selection of materials and technologies. We supervise production from the beginning to the end.

  • Social Media

    Dialogue connects.

    Communication plans, concept, creation, production and moderation of content in Social Media channels. Advertising campaigns, monitoring and crisis management.

  • Sale

    How to sale more?

    Trade marketing, consumer promotions, loyalty programs, e-commerce. In short, everything that helps you win another customer in a traditional store and the Internet.

  • www

    If you are not on the internet, you do not exist.

    Design and production of websites.


  • 99rent
  • Discovery
  • McFit
  • CEDC
  • Oriflame
  • Hagi
  • Puro
  • DT Hilton
  • Polonia
  • Alitalia
  • Danone
  • Epay
  • Glenfidich
  • Mitsubishi
  • Philips
  • Property Gem
  • Sheraton
  • Ślimak
  • Tefal
  • Westin



    we've worked for the largest brands in the world, in the largest advertising agencies.
    we know how to achieve the goal.


    we work directly with clients, but we also do projects
    for agencies and media houses.


    we are a partner and our task is to understand the client's business to develop it together.